Episode 49: Fred Loucks On AV Monitoring & Programming Your Way Through Problems

Fred Loucks, CTO of Level 3 Audiovisual, takes us on his journey to answer one question: How do you get visibility of audiovisual systems at scale?

We learn some cool new phrases like “Automated remediation” and “Signatures of common issues” and dig deep into…

  • Program Management from designing, deploying and updating with a focus on administration.
  • How programming let him rollout 3000 Zoom Rooms in two weekends with a one-man team.
  • The real costs of downtime and disruptions including productivity loss, embarrassment and loss of confidence.
  • How collecting data adds value by answering questions – it starts with monitoring.
  • Why there is resistance to AV monitoring tools.
  • Wrangling the chaos of API’s and protocols to create a data model.
  • Why to avoid devices that are not observable.
  • A day in the life of a support NOC technician.
  • Defining a service status for AV systems in order to present an SLA.
  • Why monitoring is incomplete without remote access, documentation and domain knowledge.
  • The challenges of creating an AV NOC including deep integration with customer networks and staffing. 
  • Thinking about management instead of control.