Episode 47: Wes Hatchett on Implementing Software-Based Control Systems

Wes Hatchett is CEO of ControlEnvy. ControlEnvy is an open-source software based control system.

Wes and the ControlEnvy team were one of the first podcast interviews in Epsiode 6.

Interview Highlights

  • Can run on Android.
  • Has a setup configuration interface that includes troubleshooting and debug tools.
  • Chose to focus on Android because it continues to outpace even laptops in processing power.
  • Sample application: Google Pixel 4a installed in a rack connected via WiFi.
  • A Mac Mini can also be used when a hard-wired appliance is required.
  • The system is driven by states stored in a local data store.
  • Paths are used to access components in the data store through logic macros.
  • Shifting from completely custom programming projects to a product based model allows for better update management. Old systems benefit from feature updates instead of standing still.

Mentioned In This Episode

Lutron, Sonos, Biamp, Google Pixel 4a, Apple Mac Mini