Episode 46: Stephen Von Takach on Integrating Workplace Experiences, Gamification, Data-Driven Features and Open Source Software

Stephen von Takach is CIO at PlaceOS. PlaceOS ties together drivers into systems by running functions on a scalable cluster of computing resources. Similar to how AWS Lambda works.

Interview Highlights

  • Constraints allow creativity to blossom.
  • Drivers can exist in multiple systems. Logic is system specific.
  • Built on Crystal-lang, similar to ruby, but type-checked. https://crystal-lang.org
  • PlaceOS started in AV integration but, because they can integrate with anything, it has evolved to focus on workplace experiences. Streamlining your day, from when a persons enters a building until they leave.
  • User actions generate data that give insight into utilization and enable features like contact tracing and gamification.
  • “Once you are integrated into every system, the experiences are only limited by your imagination.”
  • Digital twin – modelling real world systems in the digital realm.
  • Mitigating risk through partnering with IT.
  • Most stake-holder resistance concerns network security, GDPR conformance and data ownership.
  • Conference room automation is evolving to eliminate the need for a touchpanel control interface.
  • Open source removes vendor dependency and helps educate. It also helps create a cooperative driver development ecosystem.
  • Clients are looking for a wholistic solution. A single workplace app (as opposed to multiple apps with separate functionality) drives usage and discovery of what the workplace is capable of.
  • Gamification can be used to drive a behaviour, like using spaces in off-peak hours, by offering an incentive, like free coffee and gift cards.

Mentioned In This Episode

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