Episode 24: Shane Springer On Human Centered Design And The Mythical Zero Punch List Project

Shane Springer of OneWorkplace got his start in theatre lighting and sound before moving on to be an AV technician, programmer and engineer.

He is also a member of the Leadership Committee for the Association for Quality in AudioVisual (AQAV.org), where he has also served on the organizations’ Steering Committee for several years

If that isn’t enough, he’s also designed and implemented the Quality Assurance practices that led to achieving the first in the world AV Provider Excellence Program or APEX Certification from AVIXA.

Highlights From This Episode

  • Using the Raspberry Pi for asset management and active monitoring
  • Correlating data points to find out what is really going on (Power status alone does not indicate usage)
  • The challenge of addressing scalability without losing the human touch.
  • The importance of process in design and delivering quality
  • Getting user feedback before they hate the system
  • The mythical zero punch list project

Mentioned In This Episode

Raspberry Pi, One Workplace, AVIXA, Paul Zeely (Harman), Don Nelson, Steve Greenblatt, AQAV