Episode 22: Dave Hatz on Next Level Service & Creating Revenue With AV Data Analytics

Dave Hatz guest started his career at Disney World Technical Services where he learned about integrating show control with AMX systems. He’s held several other positions in lighting and sound before zeroing in on AV programming and project engineering at Roscor Corporation and currently AVI Systems.


  • Integrators need software to provide the next level of service
  • Visibility into the operation and status separate devices, systems and components is the challenge
  • Out of the box management systems from manufacturers
  • Data helps make informed, justified decisions when planning new systems (instead of assumptions-based decisions)
  • Increasing uptime and system usage changes the integrator relationship from a transactional one to that of a trusted advisor
  • Analysing component performance across many installations lets integrators know how reliable the device is

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Disney World Technical Systems, Roscor Corporation, AVI, AMX, Crestron, Extron