Episode 21: About Me, Steve Greenblatt Asks Patrick Murray About Staying Relevant In A Changing Industry

Patrick Murray started his career as a freelance service technician. Moving up to serve the industry in various roles, as a systems engineer, a control systems programmer and finally pursuing his entrepreneurial spirit by starting an independent programming company.

He has been in business for over thirteen years and he’s grown to become an educator, a software developer, an inventor, an online marketer and a podcaster. His extensive experience in major control system platforms as well as other mainstream programming languages has proved to be valuable in making his mark on the industry.

He has worked in the USA and Europe and is fluent in English and German.


  • The importance of process in AV projects and software development
  • The impact of the iPhone on AV programming
  • What sales has to do with change
  • How finding a niche can help AV professionals stay relevant
  • It’s to just about technology, the space where business meets technology is what determines the future

Mentioned in this episode…

iPhone, Dennis Flood, The Systems Group, Harry Joseph & Associates, AMX, Ryan Howard, Crestron, Global Cache, Colin Birney, David Bianchiardi, Google, TensorFlow, Amazon, Skynet, Dave Silberstein, Control Envy, Mark Day, Infocomm, Alexa, IFTTT