Episode 20: David Bianciardi on The Risk Of Innovation, Programmable Content & Virtual Reality

David Bianciardi founded AV&C in 1999 where he leads a team of designers, developers, and engineers that deliver software-driven installations to enhance storytelling, placemaking, connectivity and responsiveness.

Highlights From This Episode

  • Conversational engagement resonates more with guests than Power Point slides and how technology can be used to spark those conversations (and still show slides too).
  • Experience design should consider the experience of system operators as well as guests.
  • Technology is being viewed by architects less as FF&E (furnishings, fixture and equipment) and more as a raw building material.
  • David explains the concept of Evergreen Media and how assets like print, podcasts, video and blog posts can be integrated into a storytelling environment in a dynamic way (instead of a static looping playlist).
  • He also talks about mixing assets with data to create dynamic content that reduces production costs.
  • Adding metadata to content makes it “programmable”.
  • Consider the different budgetary concerns of the stakeholders. An operations manager views content and delivery as a capital expense, while marketing will see it as an operating expense.
  • He talks about some software tools AV&C has developed. Conductor is their event manager and Sensor Fusion uses sensor data to understand how people are using a space. Examples include if people are moving into or out of a space, what direction they are facing and skeletal modelling that can indicate the movement of arms and fingers.
  • An innovation desire means there is a responsibility to manage risk.
  • David explains how AV&C uses gaming engines and virtual reality to create a Digital Twin of a project. This reduces technology risk by creating a virtual environment where the physical space, sensitivity to occupants and generation of media can be previewed. Software can also be tested against the virtual model.

Mentioned In This Episode

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