Episode 46: Stephen Von Takach on Integrating Workplace Experiences, Gamification, Data-Driven Features and Open Source Software

Stephen von Takach is CIO at PlaceOS. PlaceOS ties together drivers into systems by running functions on a scalable cluster of computing resources. Similar to how AWS Lambda works.

Interview Highlights

  • Constraints allow creativity to blossom.
  • Drivers can exist in multiple systems. Logic is system specific.
  • Built on Crystal-lang, similar to ruby, but type-checked. https://crystal-lang.org
  • PlaceOS started in AV integration but, because they can integrate with anything, it has evolved to focus on workplace experiences. Streamlining your day, from when a persons enters a building until they leave.
  • User actions generate data that give insight into utilization and enable features like contact tracing and gamification.
  • “Once you are integrated into every system, the experiences are only limited by your imagination.”
  • Digital twin – modelling real world systems in the digital realm.
  • Mitigating risk through partnering with IT.
  • Most stake-holder resistance concerns network security, GDPR conformance and data ownership.
  • Conference room automation is evolving to eliminate the need for a touchpanel control interface.
  • Open source removes vendor dependency and helps educate. It also helps create a cooperative driver development ecosystem.
  • Clients are looking for a wholistic solution. A single workplace app (as opposed to multiple apps with separate functionality) drives usage and discovery of what the workplace is capable of.
  • Gamification can be used to drive a behaviour, like using spaces in off-peak hours, by offering an incentive, like free coffee and gift cards.

Mentioned In This Episode

AMX, Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Project Connected Home over IP, Google, Apple, Zigbee, 

Episode 25: Mike Adams on Standardized User Experience, Professional USB and Meeting Rooms As A Service

Mike Adams got his start as a Sales and Support Consultant for Apple, and has held several marketing and management positions for AV manufacturers like Polycom and integration companies such as Videonations and Vega Global. He’s also served as a startup mentor and is currently EMEA channel manager at Zoom.

Zoom is a software defined video collaboration solution in use by over 1,000,000 companies and millions of users including myself and this podcast. All of our remote interviews are recorded with Zoom and I also use it to host webinars and collaborate with customers and my development team.

Highlights From This Episode

  • Why USB has a place in professional installations
  • Software Defined Systems create recurring revenue for integrators and have a long (30 year!) refresh cycle
  • A few business model approaches to structuring Meeting Rooms As A Service
  • How to use commodity hardware as a closed appliance
  • Why hardware based system cannot compete with software

Mentioned In This Episode

Zoom, Polycom, Videonations, Vega Global, Crestron, Cisco, Simple MDM